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HL-FR - U.L. Fire Resistance Classified Architectural T-Bar Plaque Diffuser

Standard Features

  • T-Bar FR assembly includes 2750 Series Ceiling Radiation Damper and TTB Series Thermal Blanket
  • UL listed fire resistance T-Bar
  • 3 hour fire resistance rating
  • Building material rated 3 hours or less
  • Single plaque T-Bar diffuser
  • Designed for high volume air delivery
  • Delivers supply air in a 360° air pattern
  • Hinged and removable core for easy duct access
  • 2" ADC compliant round collar with bead for ease of installation
  • Collar sizes available in 6”–10”, 12”, 14”, & 16”
  • Rust resistant pre-coat with durable powder finish
  • Soft White

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