Nordstrom | 150 Locations Worldwide

Project Team

Shoemaker has been providing GRDs in new stores and remodels in the US, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico among others, since 2005.


Products Designed Into Projects

  • 600PT – perforated return air grille t–bar with frame
  • 915/916 – fixed 45° bar blade grilles
  • 700DVD – directional volume diffuser in t–bar panel
  • LSD – linear slot diffusers
  • DVD – square and rectangular directional diffusers
  • MA – modular core diffusers
  • RDA – Product discontinued, see the RD - Round Diffuser
  • RS – spiral pipe grilles


Since 1901, Nordstrom has grown from what was a small shoe store in Seattle into one of the leading fashion specialty retailers, known nationwide for providing quality, fashion-forward clothing and unbeatable customer service. Today, customers are served at 354 stores in 40 states and Canada. Shoemaker has been providing air distribution products to Nordstrom’s since 2005, in both new stores and remodels in the US, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico, totaling about 150 projects in all.

The similarity between Nordstrom stores is undeniable, a customer is always aware that they are in a Nordstrom store once they walk in. However, each Nordstrom store and retail location is unique, requiring flexibility in store design. Shoemaker’s product lines are flexible, and customizable, allowing contractors to utilize comparable products even in spaces that require unique sizes or configurations, without sacrificing aesthetics or performance. Retail space involves challenges from high traffic flow areas to its cafés and restaurants where humidity and temperatures are high.

  • Shoemaker has worked with Gensco and PSF Mechanical to reach the high quality aesthetic and performance bar demanded by Nordstrom since 2005.
  • Shoemaker was chosen for its overall product quality and performance, and the ability to ship damage-free and on time.
  • Shoemaker grilles and diffusers will be part of the all new Men’s Store and Flagship store coming in 2018 in New York City.