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Glossary - Product Type
Grille - Louvered or perforated covering for an opening in an air passage which can be located in a wall, ceiling, or floor. View our Anatomy of GRDs Brochure
Register - A combination grille and damper assembly over an air opening View our Anatomy of GRDs Brochure
Diffuser - Circular, square, rectangular, or linear air-distribution outlet, generally located in the ceiling, and composed of deflecting members discharging supply air in various directions and planes and arranged to promote mixing of primary air with secondary. View our Anatomy of GRDs Brochure
Linears - Custom extruded aluminum grilles and diffusers designed for efficient air distribution and architectural requirements. Used for variable air volume systems and often for a continuous length.
Access Doors - A door or panel to provide entry to ducting for inspection, repair, or service of HVAC systems.
GRD - Grilles, registers and diffusers. View our Anatomy of GRDs Brochure
GRD Accessories - Accessories for grilles, registers and diffusers, such as blankets, screws or dampers.
Dampers - Element inserted into an air-distribution system or element of an air-distribution system permitting modification of the air resistance of the system and consequently changing the airflow rate or shutting off the airflow.
Outside Air Louvers - Device consisting of an assembly of parallel sloping vanes, intended to permit the passage of air while providing a measure of protection against environmental influences.
Glossary - Location
Sheet Rock/Hard Lid - Fixed ceiling, commonly constructed with drywall.
Exposed Ceiling - A ceiling in which the structural and mechanical systems are left exposed, either in their natural state or painted.
Duct Mount/Spiral - Exposed duct design, generally consisting of galvanized spiral pipe, where diffuser or grille is mounted directly onto the spiral pipe.
T-Bar/Lay-in - A suspended ceiling grid system, typically 2’x2’, that consists of a lightweight frame and removable panels.
Door - For door, partition or other transfer air application.
Floor - For passage and direction of air from the floor.
Sidewall - For passage and direction of air from the sidewall (vertical walls connecting floor and ceiling).
Sill - For passage and direction of air from a sill (horizontal plane at the bottom of a window, exterior door frame or other structure).
Glossary – Face Style
Blades - Horizontal or vertical deflectors that provide structure and direct air. Can be many shapes, such as airfoil, bar or curved.
Lattice - Also called “egg crate”, lattice refers to a cubical grid face or core, called for when maximum free area is desired.
Louvered - A series of overlapping blades or slats, stationary or adjustable, used for controlling the direction of the air flow.
Modular Core - A modular core consists of four independent field adjustable sets of blades for control of directional air flow.
Perforated - A face type that consists of 3/16” holes on ¼” staggered centers.
Plaque - A flat face panel, round or rectangular, that discharges air in a 360 degree pattern. Aesthetically pleasing and favored by architects.
Step Down - Also called “multiple cone”, a round or rectangular face with a stair-step like pattern that allows 360 degree air flow, from each cone of the face.
Glossary – Features
Deep Ceiling (beveled) - Aesthetically pleasing frame style with angular raised edges designed to reduce ceiling smudging around the diffuser.
Insulated Back Pan - Molded fiberglass back panel.
Plenum - A closed chamber used to distribute or collect warmed or cooled air in a forced air heating/cooling system. The plenum is usually an optional device that can be added to a diffuser, such as the linear air bar.
Heavy Duty/Gym Grade - Gym grade or heavy duty construction includes welded core and extra bar supports for added strength for use in gymnasiums or industrial settings.
High Air Capacity - Designed to handle and deliver large amounts of air.
Round - Product has standard or optional round inlet collar for easy attachment to round duct.
Square Collar - Product has standard or optional square inlet collar for use with field fabricated duct attachment.
Field Adjustable - Product has standard features and/or options to allow for adjustment in the field.
Glossary – Special Applications
Critical Environment - Refers to a category of highly technical areas that require very specific conditions, such as surgery rooms, MRI rooms, clean rooms for scientific research, pharmaceuticals or dust free manufacturing, etc.
MRI Room - Products used in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) rooms. Products constructed with MRI compatible materials (standard product or available option).
Multi-Family - Refers to buildings that contain multiple contiguous homes such as apartments, townhomes and condominiums. Products available with lever-operated Opposed Blade Dampers, commonly used in multi-family housing project designs (standard product or available option).
Secure Facility - Shoemaker offers a complete line of security grilles for minimum and maximum security institutions, as well as psychiatric facilities, which require secure HVAC outlets. These heavy duty security grilles are designed to provide superior performance in both supply and return applications without compromising security and/or safety.
Glossary – Material
Aluminum - Products constructed with mostly aluminum materials and components. For all aluminum construction, see MRI Room.
Stainless Steel - Products constructed with stainless steel material and components.
Steel - Products constructed with mostly steel materials and components.
Glossary - Finish
Aluminum Paint - Closely replicates a cleaned aluminum finish with the added benefits of powder coat paint. There is an additional charge for Aluminum Paint.
Glossy White - A bright white with a very smooth, shiny surface. There is an additional charge for Glossy White.
Galvanized Finish - Steel with protective zinc coating. Factory cleaned. Closely matches finish of galvanized spiral pipe. No extra charge.
Mill Finish - Raw, no finish. Factory cleaned. No extra charge.
Satin Anodized - Satin anodized aluminum extrusions are best described as a polished aluminum look. Factory cleaned. Available on products where noted. Additional charges apply.
Standard Colors (Powder Coat Paint) - Shoemaker uses a baked on textured polyester powder coat paint with a rust-resistant prohibitive pre-coat. Powder coat paint is an extremely durable finish and holds up well to the stress of shipping, installation, general wear and aging. This finish resists the peeling cracking, chipping, fading and other problems associated with e-dip and other painting methods. Powder coat paint also serves as an excellent primer when final paint color is applied in the field. Shoemaker standard colors are Soft White and Driftwood Tan. No extra charge.
Designer Colors - Rust resistant pre-coat with durable powder coat paint finish available in custom colors. Additional charges apply. Shoemaker has eight colors that are optional on most products. The colors are: Black, Bronze, Storm Gray, Cement Gray, Aluminum Paint, Coffee Tan, Warm White, and Glossy White. Paint samples available upon request.
Glossary – Options
Opposed Blade Damper - A damper where the blades move in pairs towards each other. Watch a video to see the difference between an opposed blade damper (OBD) and a multi-shutter damper or view our Focus on Dampers Brochure
Multi-Shutter Damper - A damper where the blades move parallel with each other. Watch a video to see the difference between an opposed blade damper (OBD) and a multi-shutter damper or view our Focus on Dampers Brochure

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