All About Linears

The Shoemaker linear product line is a robust selection of custom extruded aluminum products to meet all application, performance and architectural requirements. All Shoemaker linears are manufactured with precision craftsmanship that allow for continuous lengths with nearly invisible section breaks. Linears also come in a variety of finishes.
  • "Shoemaker linears are by far the best out there."

    John Mull, Superintendent, McKinstry Company

Find the Right Linear for Your Project

Where will the linear be installed?

Linear Subgroups

Bar Grilles

Bar Grilles

  • Linear Bar Grilles are beautifully constructed extruded aluminum bar supply or return designed for floor, sill, sidewall, and ceiling applications.
  • The clean lines and architectural appeal also translate into efficient air distribution.
  • Series include: LF, LS, LSW, LC, LFG, LTM, LSW-RC, LF-RC, LS-RC, LCF, LSS
Slot Diffusers

Slot Diffusers

  • Linear Slot Diffusers are a conventional slotted extruded aluminum supply or return diffuser designed for both directional and volume discharge.
  • They are field adjustable and provide flexible air patterns depending on final room layout and configuration.
  • Series include: LSD
Air Bars

Air Bars

  • Linear Air Bar Diffusers are a slotted extruded aluminum diffuser with an appealing architectural look designed for large volumes of air.
  • The variety of wide slot widths allow for more CFM per square foot than a conventional Linear Slot Diffuser.
  • Series include: LAB, LJP

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Case Studies


Q: I have a competitor’s linear that I am trying to match. How can I find out what the Shoemaker Mfg. equivalent is?

A: Use our handy Cross Reference.

Q: Why should I use one particular linear series over the other?

A: There are many great reasons to use shoemaker linears. Select the one that best fits your needs.
  1. Shoemaker Mfg. manufactures three distinct lines of linears: the Linear Air Bars, Linear Slot Diffusers and the Linear Bar Grilles.
  2. Shoemaker Linear Air Bars, and specifically the Linear Jet Pairs allow for the highest air flow while minimizing pressure loss for larger areas like airports and trade centers.
  3. Both the Linear Air Bars and the Linear Slot Diffusers are effective for air curtains.
  4. Linear Slot Diffusers are very flexible with respect to the number of and widths of slots, and are also adjustable in the field.
  5. Linear Bar Grilles can be made in any size, are fixed blades with a modern look and come in either 0 or 20 degree deflection and various frame styles.
  6. All linears are available in continuous lengths and are manufactured with extruded aluminum and the highest quality precision craftsmanship.
  7. If you need products that provide more air volume than our Linear Jet Pairs, please look at our Drum Louvers (DL) or Spiral Duct Mount Drum Louver (DLS).

Q: What are the minimum and maximum sizes of the linears you manufacture?

A: We’ve put together a high level summary for you to use to compare the various kinds of linears that we offer. If you would like specifics, please see the respective submittal or if you have a Portal account with Shoemaker Mfg., you can configure the product on the product page.

Q: How many slots can I get in a Linear Slot Diffuser or Linear Air Bar?

A: The Linear Air Bar and Linear Jet Pairs are available in 1 or 2 slots with slots measuring 1” – 3” (in ½” increments) slot widths. The Linear Slot Diffusers are available in 1 – 8 slots, ½”, ¾” or 1 wide. Please see submittals for details. LAB Submittal, LJP Submittal, LSD Submittal.

Q: What are the frame size options amongst linears?

A: The Linear Floors (LF), Linear Sidewall (LSW), Linear Sill (LS) have two options for frame widths: 1 3/8” (standard) or 1” width. The removable core (RC) models of the above and the LFG are set at 1 3/8”.
The linear Air Bars and Linear Slot Diffusers frame sizes are dependent on the mounting style and are set widths. Please see the Linear Air Bar submittals or the Linear Slot Diffuser submittals

Q: What is the blade spacing on the Linear Bar Grilles?

A: Blade spacing is measured “on center” from the center of one bar to the center of the next and is available in ½” or 1/3” with ½” being the most popular, and 1/3” being our “pencil-proof” model because a standard pencil will not fall through, and this model is safer for those walking across the diffuser in high-heeled shoes.

Q: What kind of damper or air control options are available in the linear series?

A: The Linear Slot Diffusers (supply models) come standard with a clamshell pattern controller which can be adjusted for a full 180 degree of airflow. The Linear Air Bar (supply models) have an air gate controller which can be adjusted in the field. Linear Bar Grilles will have options of Opposed Blade Dampers (OBD) controlled either by lever on the 1/3” spaced grilles, or recessed screwdriver operation on ½” blade spacing

Q: What are the mounting options available for linears?

A: All linears Shoemaker Mfg manufactures can feature the following mounting styles: Tape and Mud for a clean frameless aesthetic, or surface mount which allows for the easiest installation process. In total, the Linear Bar Grilles have seven different options, the Linear Slot Diffusers have six different options, and the Linear Air Bars have four options. You can also view the charts above this Linear Family Page to see specifics and a graph that shows drawings of each type.

Q: Does Shoemaker offer plenums for the linear series?

A: The Linear Slot Diffusers, Air Bars and Jet Pairs all have plenum options, either metal or fiberglass. The most popular configuration is the standard metal plenum (DP) which has a variable height (where duct diameter + 4” = height of plenum), with ½” fiberglass interior insulations, typically with a 8” round inlet. Dampers and baffles are less common. We also feature a shorter fixed-height plenum (9”) (SDP) to utilize when working with limited ductwork space. More options include: oval, round or no inlets, 2 different baffles, internal and external insulation and three different dampers, etc. Choose a fiberglass plenum for the most flexibility to spin-in your own collar in the field. Please discuss any special needs with your Inside Sales Representative. Also see specific submittals and login to our Shoemaker Mfg. portal selector tool within Price Lookup or Quotes or Orders to build out the appropriate plenum for your job.

Q: How can I find information about the performance of Shoemaker linears? (Throw, Noise Criteria, Static Pressure, Effective Area, etc.)

A: Shoemaker Mfg. publishes data obtained from third party performance testing conducted in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE standard 70-2006. Each data sheet is available on the Submittals/Technical Data/Revit tab on each respective product page.

Q: Can Shoemaker manufacture curved linears?

A: Yes, we have the ability to manufacture radius arcs within our Linear Bar Series to enhance more innovative architectural designs. The curves do not need to be symmetrical, however, we do require an actual-size template be sent to us. Please see our product page on Linear Special Shapes (LSS), read our submittal for more information and contact your Inside Sales Representative for next steps.

Q: How do I install Tape and Mud linears?

A: The tape and mud installs so that only the air opening shows. Click here to view the one sheet you can take with you into the field or click here for the short video.

Q: Can I return linears if they don’t fit?

A: Because all our linears are manufactured to the specifications required for each job, we cannot accept returns. Please review the appropriate submittals and talk to your Inside Sales Representative to answer any questions you may have, especially about the sizing and measuring before ordering.