All About Curved Blade Diffusers

Shoemaker curved blade diffusers offer an aesthic way to provide 1, 2, 3, or 4-way air flow. With individually adjustable blades, you can control how much air is flowing in each direction. Available in surface or T-Bar mount and in various colors, Shoemaker's curved blade diffusers will add style to your project.

Curved Blade Subgroups

Surface Mount

Surface Mount

  • Curved blade surface mount diffusers are available in a variety of sizes, including fractional, exact OD, and exact ID.
  • Curved blade diffusers are available in a 1-way, 2-way, 3-way or 4-way air pattern.
  • Surface mount diffusers come with countersunk mounting holes and color matching Philips Pozidriv screws.
  • Series include: 500CB, CB, MCB, SCB


  • Curved blade T-Bar diffusers are available in 1x1, 1x2, 2x2, or 2x4 panel sizes.
  • The curved blade face can be the whole T-Bar panel or a smaller curved blade diffuser in a blank T-bar panel.
  • Curved blade T-Bar diffusers are standard in a 4-way air pattern but can ordered with a 1, 2, or 3-way air pattern, depending on the model.
  • Series include: 104, 700CB, 700MCB, 825CB, CB-T

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Q: I have a competitor’s curved blade diffuser that I am trying to match. How can I find out what the Shoemaker Mfg. equivalent is?

A: Use our handy Cross Reference.

Q: Is there only one air pattern for the curved blade diffusers?

A: There are 18 air patterns for the surface mount and 5 air patterns for the T-Bar mount.

Q: I need a fire-rated curved blade T-bar. Does Shoemaker offer these?

A: Shoemaker does offer a selection of fire rated curved blade T-Bars. Please check out these Fire Rated T-Bars.

Q: I ordered a curved blade diffuser with a 4-way air pattern but now need it to be a 3-way air pattern. Can this be changed in the field?

A: Generally, curved blade diffusers are not able to have the air pattern changed in the field. However, Shoemaker offers the MCB for surface mount and the 700MCB for T-Bar which are curved blades in a modular core and can be changed in the field.