All About Round Diffusers

Shoemaker round diffusers are high quality, aesthetic and easy to install. While the air pattern, mounting style, and finish are dependent on the model selected, each round diffuser will be a great addition to your project.

Round Subgroups



  • Spiral round diffusers are available in even sizes.
  • Round diffusers are fixed to provide a uniform 360 degree discharge pattern or adjustable to provide spot heating and cooling.
  • Series include: RD, 1202R
Surface Mount

Surface Mount

  • Round surface mount diffusers are available in even sizes.
  • Surface mount round diffusers are adjustable.
  • Surface mount round diffusers may be available in a panel mount with up to 4 diffusers per panel.
  • Series include: 1201, 1202, 1203

Relevant Literature and Case Studies


Q: I have a competitor’s round diffuser that I am trying to match. How can I find out what the Shoemaker Mfg. equivalent is?

A: Use our handy Cross Reference.