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938 - Steel Blade Grille with 0° Fixed Blades (blades parallel to the shortest dimension)

Standard Features

  • Surface mount fixed blade grille with steel blades at 0°
  • Blades are parallel to shortest dimension
  • Blades spaced at 2/3"
  • Countersunk mounting holes for flush appearance with color matching Phillips Pozidriv screws
  • Available in even sizes up to 36"x24"
  • Rust resistant pre-coat with durable powder finish
  • Soft White

Options (must specify when ordering)
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Cross Reference
  • Standard Colors

  • Designer Colors

  • Recessed screwdriver operated Opposed Blade Damper
  • 2" ADC compliant round collar with bead for ease of installation (square sizes only)
  • T-20 Tamper Proof Screws
Product Series 
Shoemaker Series Notes 
CONTINENTALRGV-OSee 932-0. Continental RGV has 3/4" spacing. Shoemaker 932 has 2/3" spacing.
KRUEGERS80VZ / S80VZKrueger S80VZ has 3/4" spacing and 35° deflection and S55VZ has 1/2" spacing and 35° deflection. Shoemaker 938 has 2/3" spacing and 45° deflection.
PRICE510Z S (Vertical Blades)Price 510Z S has 3/4" spacing. Shoemaker 938 has 2/3" spacing.
TITUS350ZRSTitus 350ZRS has 3/4" spacing. Shoemaker 938 will 2/3" spacing.